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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 22, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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shaundra leavy. >> good evening i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here is what people are talking about tonight. wjz is live, mike hellgren has today's reaction after the sentence is announced. >> reporter: more than nine years after leavy's murder, jurors found 29-year-old ingmar guandique of murder. >> c o ndit was the initial
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focus of the investigation and police grew criticism that they ignored. guandique was already serving time for attacks on other women. attacks that closely mirrored that of leavy. >> we looked at the entire picture, we looked at every piece of evidence. nothing was more important than the other. >> reporter: prosecutors did face obstacles, no eyewitness to the murder. no forensic evidence. the murder weapon was never recovered. >> it's never too late for a murder to be held accountable for his crime. it's never too late for justice to be served. >> reporter: leavy's mother called it a miracle. >> i still have a limb missing
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from our family tree. >> reporter: guandique facing a lifetime behind bars without possibility of parol. mike hellgren, wjz. now we've learned yesterday afternoon wasn't the first time that police had to be at sean jones apartment. wjz is live right now. derek valcourt tells us why officers had to show up there hours before the shooting. >> reporter: police tell us they did responds to an apartment complex back here after neighbors call an ugly argument between the victim and her boyfriend, less than a day later she was shot dead. the murder of 28-year-old sharon jones has devastated many neighbors including melinda pinder who knew jones since she was 8 years old.
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neighbors report jones and her boyfriend got into an argument. >> she came over and we talked. i sat over there with her for a little while. the police they left, then i went in there and sat with her for a little while. i said, don't stay here, go to your mother's house. and she said, i'm going to my friend's house. >> reporter: jones was shot dead at her friend's house. when detectives came to look for clues, they found blood on the door and thought the suspect was still inside. after a three hour stand off, police determined the apartment was empty. neighbors hope her killer is brought to justice. >> i just don't understand it because she was very nice and loved. >> reporter: police tell me they have not yet spoken with the victim's boyfriend. officially they will not say if he's the suspect or the person of interest they are looking
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for in this case. live in north baltimore, derek valcourt, eyewitness news. >> derek thank you, jones was the mother of a 3-year-old girl who is now staying with other family members. mary is in the newsroom with a clues police want you to see in the attack of a woman. >> reporter: the 85-year-old man was attacked and robbed as he walked into his home on east lafayette avenue. officers say he choked the man then robbed him, then he ran away with the man's money. luckily the elderly man was not injured in the attack. police officers could never have imagined being caught in a tornado last week. adam may shows us how the brave officers are being honored
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tonight. >> reporter: at 6:00 tonight, officers will be honored with awards. >> what happened? we actually had no idea. >> reporter: four officers honored at headquarters for heroic actions. they were first at the scene after a tornado ripped the roof off of an apartment building. >> oh my god, hey, come here. come here, come here. >> we were running up to the third floor. when i look up there was no sealing. i said there's no sealing. i started pointing with my flashlight, i see all the debrises, wall, tables, everything on the floor. windows its was complete destruction. >> reporter: the officers rescued an elderly man, nearly
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knocked unconscious. a woman buried under rubble that was thought not to be alive. >> the woman was trapped. she couldn't move. she wasn't making any sounds either. i really feared the worse for her. luckily it turned out. i'm so thankful when they put the concrete up and she was able to speak. >> as a police commander you could not be more proud of the way they responded. >> reporter: and i spoke to an elderly man who was taken to the hospital. he says he thinks he could have died if the first respondsers would not have helped him. >> the honoring of the officers will be held next week. the white house evacuated
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after a brief scare in the nation's capital. kai jackson is in the newsroom with the story. >> reporter: airplanes flew into restricted air space over washington. turns out a student pilot was on the controls and must have gotten a little lost. a portion of the white house was briefly evacuated just to be safe. fighter planes escorted the pilot to air space. there is about a 30-mile no fly zone over the washington area. flying home for the holidays could turn into a real headache, outrage over security screenings leading to protest at vwi marshall and airports around the country. wjz is live at the airport right now. weijia jiang explains how one decision could back up security lines for hours. weija. >> travelers here can expect to see the very security procedures that have sparked that national debate. one that pitched safety against
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privacy. >> many of the tens of thousands of marylanders are voicing their thoughts. >> i'm skeptd skeptical that this is really necessary. >> reporter: full body scanners that critics call virtual strip searches are in effect at vwi. >> i think the withty scanners are invasive. i , i think the body scanners are invasive. i think they show too much and not necessary. >> reporter: a online group is urging passengers to refuse the scanning. but that would make the lines longer. >> people who want to get home to the holidays and want to spend time with their families. >> i think the pat down is more invasive than just the screening. >> reporter: passenger thomas
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saywer says his pat down was so aggressive it spilled his urine bag that he's been wearing for years. he had to travel in a urine soaked shirt and pants. >> it was so embarrassing. >> reporter: four out of five americans are okay with screenings. >> it's unusual and weird but we have to accept it if we're going to fly safer. somewhere now about 20% of air travelers are asked to have their body scanned -- now about 20% of air travelers are asked to have their body scanned. reporting live, weijia jiang. the president has told tsa leaders to review the
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procedures. the story will be built at the sight. construction starts next spring. no complaints about the weather we've enjoyed lately. boy it was lovely today. sunny, warm and it's shaping up to do a beautiful night as well. wjz has your first warning weather. bob turk and bernadette woods has what's in store tonight. >> not a shabby forecast, that's for sure. awfully beautiful, the day has warmed up. you see near chicago with showers, what will that mean for us? bernadette woods has a look at that and beyond. >> reporter: we're going to hang on to this mild air. that means a mild night tonight and another warm day tomorrow. we're getting into the mid-60s once again. later tomorrow chance for a few showers, maybe even a thunderstorms as that front comes through. then the cooler air comes in for the second half of the week. now there is a second storm
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coming our way for the thanksgiving travel days. and we'll have all of that coming up in the forecast, right now back inside. >> a win is a win but not everyone is satisfied. sports director mark viviano is live with reaction in our fan cam report. if you're heard my radio show you may have mistaken reaction. the win was not convincing enough to some. the ravens jumped off to a quick start. joe flacco's 56 connection on the first possession made it 7- 0 right away. the ravens never trailed but they did have issues before finishing off the panthers. twice the ravens fumbled the ball away to kill scoring
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chances. and the defense was burned on a long stint. two interceptions returned to touchdown. far from perfect but a win to keep the ravens in first place. >> i don't think we've played as well as we wished we had. but now we have to go home and get ready for tampa. >> we have to close out games but we have to do it as a team from close to finish. >> reporter: we take our fan cam question to you. do you still feel the ravens are going to make a successful run in the play offs? >> i think if they win next week, they'll add on to that momentum and that should carry them. >> if anyone watched the game yesterday, i think they know we're strong enough to make it
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to the play offs. >> i am just rooting for the ravens to keep going, ray lewis. coach harbaugh did speak today about qb joe flacco and derrek mason. the ravens take on tampa bay next sunday, vic. >> mark, thank you. one that i one change you need to know about the ravens game, kick off has been changed from 1:00 to 1:30 p.m. baltimore in the national spotlight for two very different reasons. i'm alex demetrick. working off your school loans through public service. that story comes next. and we're keeping an eye on the skies tracking the chance
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of rains, ruining your thanksgiving plans. the first warning weather is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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baltimore city looks for funding for for school renovations. >> reporter: the conditions jump right out at you. >> i think the city schools are very neglected. >> reporter: a school crossing
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sign is reflected in the plexiglass window of the school building. >> it was one down. >> schools have to be closed because there's no heat. >> reporter: and when it's hot outside -- >> i was going into classrooms and by 1:00 in the afternoon, i mean those kids were like flapping in their desks. >> windows broken out, and around here it's a mess. kids come out here and kids are falling down because of the condition. >> they spend more time out of school than they do in. they really do. >> reporter: the conditions of the school are blamed for truancy. >> you realize that the kids are learning in a dark environment, what does that mean. >> reporter: an estimated $2.8 million shortfall, too much to expect very soon but to
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important to ignore. >> what we're doing now is making another big effort and a big step toward improving our school system, system wide. >> reporter: an amendment to the city charter introduced by jack young would allow the city to designate a revenue stream for baltimore city schools. whether it's a cut of existing fees or taxes or something entirely new. reporting from city school headquarters, i'm pat warren, now back to you on television hill. the task force will make its recommendations by february. the city ends up on opposite ends in two national studies. baltimore is once again. looks at large cities, only detroit is more dangerous than baltimore. but on the bright side, if you are looking for work you don't have to go far. the charm city ranked the fourth best city for finding a
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job. that's according to the job search engine they compared the number of unemployed people and the number of jobs posted online. how do you do that? >> i don't know, i throw my voice. >> the wjz newsroom still beaming over the newest addition to our family. jessica cartalia's precious baby boy. >> today mary sat next to the bed to bring us the news. >> reporter: meet baby drew, all 7 pounds 1 ounce of him. and here's the new mom, jessica is glowing and loving her new role. >> i think it's incredible. you know everybody says that you can't imagine the feeling and how wonderful it is, and there isn't anything like it. i just can't stop looking at him. and just staring at him all the time. it's like he's my little buddy.
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my guy. >> this is so much fun. he's just has a great little demeanor and it's just been hasn't been crying much. kind of being hanging out when grandma is here. kissing his grandparents and great grandparents. >> reporter: drew was born on sunday morning. and since that point, jessica and her husband brian had not settled on a name. >> we named him andrew. >> that photo is jessica as a baby, they both have that strawberry blond hair. >> oh, okay. it's okay. hey this is so much better. jessica and baby drew will head home from the hospital
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tomorrow. she's doing well, though. >> we have to remind her, you have to put him down sometime. >> i forgot how tightly you wrap those babies. >> it takes 30 minutes to get that car seat in the car. >> say that again. >> the car seat, you have to secure that -- >> i'm doing it again. conditions will be warm tomorrow. southeast winds, three, the barometer holding steady. still warm. we'll talk about that forecast right after this. ♪
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you probably woke up with that fog and drizzle and thought, it's going to be a crummy day. by 9:00 or 10:00 it cleared up. take a look at these temperature, 65 with a southerly winds. 47 this morning. 54-33 the averages. 76 back in 1940 and 15 degrees above zero back in 1880. 56 now, 58 in washington. the warm spot cumberland still at 51. dewpoints coming up. getting closer to the temperature. still a good chance to see patchy fog again tonight. i don't think it'll be like we
6:25 pm
saw this morning. keeps us in this moist flow and warm air continues. extreme northern section of new england which is still pretty chilly. the front tonight is causing showers and thunderstorms over indiana and illinois. that's moving primarily to our northwest. but we do have a chance as we mention of getting showers here tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. if h o urs. further north and west. this is where the cold air is. some spots have been at or near zero the last couple of days with winds chills of 20 to 30 below. still snowing over portions of the dakotas into northern minnesota. some areas picking up 3-inches. here's what's coming later afternoon. that storm will cross the ohio valley and bring us chances of warm temperature. the front is well to our east. cooler and trier, a good travel
6:26 pm
day on wednesday. but by thursday, another front approaching us with a pretty good shot. we'll see chilly temperatures and rain at least at times on thanksgiving day. i don't think it'll be pretty damp. 10 to 15, bay temp around 53 degrees. tonight, part ly cloudy, maybe some patchy fog. 55 tomorrow, a lot of clouds but still about 65 with a chance of an afternoon shower into the evening hours. so not a lot of rain but not a beautiful tuesday. not like today. >> well, we can't be greedy. >> thank you, bop. >> it wasn't just another manic monday today. >> turn it into a record breaking daze. >> it's just another manic monday ♪ ♪ wish it was sunday
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that's my fun day ♪ >> hundreds of people showed up in fells point this morning for the 12th annual mammoth manic monday melt down. after a week of voting, harbor hospital took home the coveted valentino award for best performance and costume. >> i bet they have it in their surgical unit right now. coming up, humiliated by the tsa. >> i was violating my body that they were exposing me. fed up with being patted down. the growing protest that could stall holiday travel at vwi and airports around the country. paying more to feed your family for ,,,,
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it is 6:30, 53 degrees in just a few clouds in baltimore. good evening everyone and thanks for staying with wjz. heading home for the holiday, then you better pack your patience.
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outrage over security screenings could slow down the check in process. flying with three kids is never easy. tina delsapo is doing it on one of the busiest travel weeks in years. >> my kids don't like it. they don't like walking through security but they don't understand. >> reporter: on a busy holiday travel week those complaints are getting louder. body scans liken to a digital strip search. >> i think the body scanners are invasive. >> for those who don't want body scans, the option of a full pat down isn't sitting well either. but the tsa says only a small percentage of travelers are patted down as part of an effort to keep everyone safe. >> we must do everything that we can to protect the public. >> the latest cbs news poll shows four out of five americans support the new screening. but supporters are using the internet to form a protest. experts say everyone if a small
6:32 pm
percentage of people participate on wednesday, the security screening lines could get chaotic. >> we hope people will not opt out. faced with a potential cascade of thanksgiving flight delays from new york to los angeles, security officials are rethinking their new procedures. >> our ears are open, and we're listening, we hear the complaints,. but tsa warns that big changes aren't coming in the near future. advising holiday air travelers like tina del sapo to allow for extra time and patience. tsa officials did make one change over the weekend, pilots are now allowed to bypass tougher security screenings. have you seen this controversial video. a lot of people are talking about a young boy getting a pat down at salt lake city's airport. you can see the screener checking out the boy who doesn't have his shirt on. turns out the boy's father removed the shirt to speed up the process. the tsa says you only have to
6:33 pm
take your shoes, coats and jackets for the screening. well a jogger was attacked in howard county. the woman was sexually assaulted saturday night while running after dark. she told police the man grabbed her on castle ford drive near sheffield court then forced her to the ground. she says she hit the man and then ran away. police only have a vague description of the attacker. tragedy involving a two- year-old boy following a probasketball game in los angeles. mary bubala has more on what happened inside the stadium. >> reporter: lucas lange was with his family as they were taking pictures. that's when he went down 100 feet and landed on a lower floor. the 2-year-old was taken to the hospital where he later died. vic, back to you. >> police say the glass safety
6:34 pm
barrier varies in height but everyone at it's lowest level, it's still only 2 feet high. family members are frustrated by the slow moving nature of the rescue. efforts have been stunted by the presence of the dangerous gases which could cause another explosion. developers believe they are 23 feet from where the miners are located. they have had no contact with them since last friday's incident. kennedy was visiting dallas when his motorcade was hit with gunfire, his death and subsequent investigation has been the subject of books and movies. many investigators working that day are coming forward with many of their accounts. travel tips keep you from spending your holiday stuck in traffic. what do look for if you're looking to buy gift cards. who's on top on the weekly
6:35 pm
high school sports poll. remember to look for the updated forecast on wjz's first warning weather. if you haven't finished shopping for thanksgiving dinner yet, vic. expect to pay more to feed your family. it's not just the turkey that will cost more this year. price is also higher for potatoes and canned pumpkin. in tonight's health watch. a new government report shows pulling child cold medication has cut er visits in half. over the counter cold remedies were taken off the shelf in 2007 after doctors warned they could cause death. saline nasal drops are another way to relieve congestion and a cool mist humidifier can help ease breathing. many new doctors are taking up specialties that pay more than primary care.
6:36 pm
but primary care is what most people need. alex demetrick reports on a solution to that dilemma. >> they're not seeing how we took it personal. so that makes you feel good. >> reporter: much of that care these patients receive is provided by members of the national health services core. >> when you tell them where you want to work and that you commit yourself to serving your community and working in a community health center. >> reporter: over seeing that core is the u.s. department of health and human services who came to baltimore to invail an expansion of that program. >> i'm pleased to announce that we are opening loan applications for repayment grants that will bring 2,000 new health care providers to the national health service core. >> reporter: in return for a two year commitment, the government will pay $60,000 of school loans or five years, that goes up to $170,000. >> there's a lot of people in
6:37 pm
america that want to be health care practitioners. they have the will, they have the want but they don't have the wallet. >> primary care in terms of salary for a physician, nurse practitioners is not as much as it would be for other specialties. so national health service core is a huge opportunity for those who want to serve who are facing debt. >> reporter: alex demetrick, wjz news. working off medical school bills through public service is being expanded because it is part of the new federal health care law. >> i can't imagine the types of bills these guys have to pay off. >> a wonderful way to work it off. a horrific amusement park accident. >> i wish i could forget for the moment. because i remember it all. from near death to miraclous discovery. the amazing recovery this woman
6:38 pm
is making after the accident. and charlie ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:40 pm
the family of a young wisconsin girl who fell from an amusement park ride last summer
6:41 pm
speaks about her recovery. a ride operator released tikan marty without putting the safety net in place. the girl plummeted 10 stories before crashing to the ground. she fractured several vertebra. today she is unable to walk and can barely speak. her mother has high hopes for a full recovery, however. >> in the beginning we were kind of told, well you're not going to walk again. i have big plans for her. >> doctors say there is a chance that tikan could walk again. the ride operator was charged with reckless injury. faces up to 25 years in prison. facing allegations in a high school football team brings the season to a halt. the entire team is sidelined for now. but the senior players could be down for good. this is in massachusetts. several players say they were whipped with towels in the
6:42 pm
showers. more drama for charlie sheen, the porn star who was reportedly in sheen's new york city hotel room when police were called last month is suing the actor for battery and false imprisonment. katherine mitchell says sheen grabbed her by the throat. a rep for sheen denies the allegations. reverent cedric miller says he had a threesome with his wife and a male assistant. last week he gave church leaders and ultimatum, leave facebook or step down. he says he's leaving facebook but not stepping down from his job. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the next, you start one feeling a bit the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. heavy know across parts of the country today. we have video from fargo north carolina where there's already
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six inches of snow on the ground. it's way too warm of course for snow in baltimore right now. things could get wet later this week. bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods shows us when the rain arrives. >> reporter: we're not going to have anything like that tomorrow but we start out the day, we're going to be in the mid-40s with some fog around. we're going right back up to the mid-60s. there is a chance for a couple of showers and maybe a thunderstorms as we head through the late day hours. it's all because of a cool front that is going to warm up us. >> the one very mild day, 65. it clears out, a good travel day cooler 52-34, close to average, thursday thanksgiving, another system another chance for showers. it looks like a beautiful day. it won't rain all the time but it should be pretty damp at least. 52 and clearing out turning chilly 36 for the start of the
6:47 pm
weekend. denise. >> thank you, bob. behind the scenes of the american music awards. >> reporter: coming up on intern tapement tonight, the american music awards, we are breaking down the night in fashion and we have the backstage exclusive with justin beiber. >> how awesome is this? >> this is incredible. i'm having such a great night. it's been a great night. >> reporter: a great night indeed for american music awards artist of the year. >> how cool is it tough usher here sharing it with you. >> it's good. he's been incredible, he's my mentor. and hip hop princess nikki menoge wore eurora, rihanna was similar stunning in see
6:48 pm
through. >> what are you wearing? >> i'm wearing elisa actually. >> wow. >> reporter: how are you? >> i'm good, it's freezing and i'm wearing like a spring dress. >> that's what i was going to say. >> but my heart is warm. cate gosslin is here to break down the dancing with the stars finale. and the cast of the good life, we'll have that and much more. >> entertainment tonight is at 7:30. still to come on eyewitness news. coach john harbaugh weighs in on a sideline spat between two of his players. >> mark has the latest. ,,,,,,,
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all right the ravens win and then i tune into your radio show this morning and i'm thinking, did i watch the wrong game. people, but they won, but they won. >> high expectations, high standard, high intensity. the ravens they say they are far from satisfied after that win at carolina, in fact, the victory brought out some competitive fire that boiled over between teammates. now network tv cameras did not
6:52 pm
capture it, but quarterback joe flacco and receiver derrick mason had a physical confrontation on the sidelines during the game. it happened during the play in this third quarter. he stepped up in the pocket, was brought down for a sack while mason had run a rout and was open. but flacco apparently didn't see the receiver. at this point, tensions rose. mason confronted flacc on the sidelines everyone grabbing the qb by the face mask. coach harbaugh says he did speak to the players. but says it's not a problem. and today he commented on how he appreciates the players competitive nature. >> you never want to let your
6:53 pm
emotions get control of your performance. that's the main thing and you want to treat your teammates with respect, with respect. i don't think that line has been crossed. but we have competitive guys, we have fighters. and guys will fight for themselves and fight for the teammates. that's part of it. >> now the ravens next two games are at home. sunday the tampa bay bucks come to town. they've won four of their five road games. the minnesota vickings fire coach brad childress. childress was in his fifth season as coach. he has three years remaining on his contract extension he signed a year ago. taking over the team, leslie fraizer. he steps up to become interim
6:54 pm
head coach. leslie says brett favre will remain the head coach this weekend. baseball news now, the orioles continue the process of shopping for players and coaches. manager buck showalter is trying to get randolph on the staff. the most valuable player in the american league, joey votto. .334 batting average. the american league award is announced tomorrow. we talk about repeats and even threepeats in sports. what is it called when a
6:55 pm
championship is won for the fifth consecutive time? give it to jimmy johnson. five titles for johnson, two short of the all time record of seven by both richard petty and dale earnhart. talk about a tradition. the guy is used to holding up trophies at the end of year. >> that's a big trophy. >> i say he get it is drumstick this weekend. >> he does. >> thank you, mark. we'll be right back. coming up, how much you'll be paying for travel, food and clothing and why. all he wanted was a home ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:58 pm
don't miss the cbs prime time. plus the new episode of hawaii five-zero. that's it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. >> and there's much more ahead with katie couric, on why body scans aren't the only thing to worry about when you go to the airport. we now take you to new ,,
6:59 pm
>> tonight, the obama administration asks air travelers for patience, as complaints grow about the new airport screening procedures. >> i was so embarrassed, my underwear had been dropped to the floor. >> couric: i'm katie couric. also tonight, retailers and e tailers, online shopping versus in line, in a battle for your holiday dollars. two cars involved in a deadly collision, who's at fault? both side point a finger at toyota. and miracle on callfield drive, how a child's dream turned a house into a home. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. the busiest travel week of the year is colliding head on with the most invasive airport


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